P O W E R   G A M E S

Power Games explores the forces that shape our destiny. Deepak is a wealthy banker whose life is spiralling out of control and the audience determine the outcome of his story by voting in a TV-style game show. Power Games blends character-driven physical theatre with the Indian Performing Art of bharatanatyam.  





Dramaturg/Literary Advisor 


Video Design


Technical Production 

Shane Shambhu

Jonathan  Grieve & Shane Shambhu

Olivia Birchenough, Franco Conquista,

Fabiola Santana, Shane Shambhu 

Surinder Sandhu

Jonathan Grieve 

Rajha Shakiry 

Martin Dewar

Michael Mannion

Sam Hall

Arts Council England     DanceEast   

The Hat Factory  

Leaving Only A Trace

Arts council England  DanceEast   Akademi   Sampad   Tara Arts   Akram Khan Company

A revealing story shared by many of dual-heritage in the UK.  A young British Asian man realises the only way to find himself is to leave home. How can he love in a modern world with cultural values that restrict him? He has to let go of his past to come to terms with his future…

Creator & Performer







Devised with

Technical Production 

Shane Shambhu

Pirashanna Thevarajah, Kartik Raghunathan

Nirag Chag

Catherine Willmore 

Fahmida Bakht

Merle Hensel

Michael Mannion 

Kate Zamira-Mummery, Wela Frasier-Mbusi

Mark Lovell

Kahvehane Kaffeehaus

Kahvehane (Coffeehouse) Kongresspark explores the history of coffee and its migratory path through art as urban intervention.  Enjoy a cup of coffee in specially designed cups by artist Deniz Sözen offered as part of a coffee house providing you with a tasty, rich caffeine hit and will make you see the beverage being consumed all over the world, in a completely different light. As part of this you can also experience an entertaining performance by Austrian-born artist Deniz Sözen in collaboration with British-born bharatanatyam artist Shane Shambhu. The performance will re-visit many legends about coffee and trace the journey from its origins to Vienna and across the entire globe.

Creator, Writer & Performer

Deniz Soezen & Shane Shambhu

Supported By 

Soho Ottakring (Vienna) 

University Of  Westminster 

Alt Wien Kaffee


South Asian Diaspora Arts Archive, SADAA

Victoria & Albert Museum, London

Brunel University 

Incarnations is inspired by the legendary Ram Gopal.  This performance took place at the V & A Museum and follows the transformation of three male bharatanatyam dancers from three differing generations.Through carefully crafted choreography the three performers evoke the changing landscape of the Indian dancing body, with soulful moods and atmospheres created by a live Carnatic vocalist that becomes the witness to these transformations. 



Shane Shambhu

Divya Kasturi, Hiten Mistry, Sundaresan Ramesh, Shane Shambhu